Becca Cullum - The Attic Spa
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Becca Cullum

Hey I’m Becca, I’m a self employed hair stylist within the
attic spa. I love making people feel amazing about
themself and I really enjoy working with colour.
I started working for myself as I felt clients deserved to get
the full service and to feel like there hair was being fully
focused on and they weren’t just another number.
I try to cater to all my clients needs and give not just an in
salon service but allow all my clients to reach me with any
queries if they are ever in need of some advice.
I’ve previously worked at Bobs Hair Co, Blush and then
started working for myself renting a chair at Halo’s.
I would love in the future to become a colour expert as I
love keeping up to date with all the latest trends and
learning new skills .
Anyway enough about me! I’ll look forward to meeting you.