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Pregnancy Massage and Facial Treatments

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Massage during pregnancy can give great benefits not only to the mother but also to your unborn baby.

Both physical and emotional changes take place, massage throughout your pregnancy can support a mum to be and can prepare her body for birth.
Pregnancy is a magical time but as the baby develops so comes changes to the mothers body, extra pressure on joints, ligaments and organs which can cause much pain and discomfort.

Evidence not only shows the great benefits for the mother but also for the baby too.’Feel good’ endorphins are released by the mother during massage and are passed onto the baby.
Regular massage through pregnancy can help mum relax and be aware of her own body.

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Facials during pregnancy  Time Price
Total Marine Experience  – £55
Marine Hydrating Mask  – £40
Marine Detox Mask  – £40
 Express Guam Facial  –  £25
Eve Taylor Luxury Facial  45 mins  £30
Eve Taylor Essential Facial  30 mins  £22
Massages During Pregnancy Time Price
Full Body Massage  60 mins £42
Back Massage  30 mins £25
Soothing Leg and Foot Massage  25 mins £20
Arm and Leg Massage  45 mins £35
Scalp Massage  20 mins  £20
Indian Head Massage  25 mins £20
Reflexology (Only 2nd Trimester)  50 mins £35
 Ear candling  45 mins £25

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