Why Are We So Expensive? The Price Behind 'Pricey' Treatments
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Why Are We So Expensive? The Price Behind ‘Pricey’ Treatments

Anyone who’s visited a clinic for non-surgical treatments will know that getting filler injected into your features isn’t cheap. You’re changing the structure of your face, after all, and putting a lot of trust in your practitioner to get it right! Yet very occasionally we still get asked why we’re so expensive when compared to others in the area. North East Lincolnshire is packed with practitioners – all of whom vary in experience, professionalism and price. But to compare our service here at The Attic Spa with the treatments offered by young practitioners is like comparing a designer handbag with a market stall knock-off. They’re both the same thing, but the entire experience and final product is different from beginning to end.

No matter who walks through our doors, we always recommend everyone go away and do their research about the treatments they’re interested in. Understand what you’re buying into before you let anyone near your face. With this in mind, we’ve noted down just a few of the many, many reasons why ‘expensive’ non-surgical treatments are not always as pricey as they seem. Let’s begin!

Buy cheap, buy twice 💷

We’ll say this time and time again – within the aesthetics industry it really is a case of buy cheap, buy twice. The amount of cases we’ve had where clients have come to visit us having had questionable filler and finding that their practitioner doesn’t have the correct qualifications to dissolve it when it goes wrong is countless. Not only does the money you spent with your first appointment burn a hole in your pocket if you’re not happy with the results, you’re back to square one or even worse when you get the changes reversed.

There’s a quote relating to the buy cheap, buy twice mantra which goes:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

And how true this is. We hate it when clients people come into our spa in floods of tears due to the dodgy fillers they’ve had. They’re quick to forget how much they spent, but they can’t forget what they see in the mirror. We’d always recommend you question if a price is too good to be true. Not only are you paying for a service – you’re paying for a product. The filler should be the very best you can afford, and if it requires paying £100 more, then we’d recommend it every time!

Safety first 👩‍⚕️

Always, always, always find out everything you can about the person you’re trusting to undertake your procedure. If you want the safest treatment possible, then you have to know where your practitioner got their qualifications from and if they know their occlusions from their bruises; their needles from their cannulas. Qualifications in this industry don’t come cheap, and it’s important that your practitioner is keeping up-to-date with their products and techniques. Our director Mandy has spent decades working with fillers and Botox treatments, but still takes time to head down to London or across to Manchester every few months to gather with fellow practitioners and discover the latest news. We say it to every patient who walks through our doors: you can’t put a price on experience. Would you rather be the thousandth person your practitioner treats, or the third?

YOU are our priority 👇

If you ever think customer service isn’t one of the most important parts of any business, then consider this:

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients, and so it’s YOUR happiness that is of paramount importance. Why else would we do what we do? It’s your face that is the number one priority, so don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need.

The best part? We value your time. If you want to keep coming back to check in with our team and track progress, then we’ll pop the kettle on! Some people worry about their treatments more than others – particularly if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. We’ll sit down with you, or pick up the phone as many times as you need to feel confident in our experience and comfortable with your decision. Before any procedure, we always provide our patients with the information they need and the time to go away and think about what they’re doing. And if we think they don’t need it? We’ll say! Fillers are not something to be played around with – you need to be fully aware of what they do and how they work before you get in the chair.

For anyone coming to visit us having already been to other clinics, you may have noticed that we take a lot longer with our appointments than others. The reason for this? We’d hate any of our clients to feel rushed. Non-surgical treatments shouldn’t be a race to get as many people onto the couch in one day as possible. We take our time via the phone, email, aftercare appointments and whatever means of communication suits you to check that you’re happy.

The proof is in the product 💉

If there’s ever a time to get picky about products, then Botox and dermal fillers are top of the list! It’s all too easy nowadays to hop onto eBay and pick up cheap filler at a fraction of the cost of the larger brands. But why would you take the risk? All of our fillers come from reputable suppliers who do rigorous testing of their products to ensure that they’re safe to use and the best on the market. You will not find a better filler on the market: fact. The price tag is always going to reflect this.

Location, location, location 🏩

Anyone setting up with a chair and a needle full of filler in the back of a hairdressers or above a shop is unlikely to have the experience needed to treat you properly. You’d be surprised to find a McLaren or a brand new Mercedes being sold in a back of a dusty garage; likewise it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a proper non-surgical treatments if you’re not standing in proper clinical, hygienic premises. We take pride in our spa and its environment, and we’re here to stay. Do some digging when you book your treatment. Do the premises seem clean with the correct medical equipment? If they don’t, then take your money and get out of there!

Within any industry, you’ll have one choice: price or experience. And whilst it’s easy to pick up a budget item of clothing from a rail and cut your losses if it only lasts one wash, when it comes to your face we believe you can’t put a price on quality. Do your research and always take the time before you start any kind of treatment, or come and visit us with your questions.

We made the choice to become a high-end aesthetic clinic. Our prices might seem steep, but we stand by them. And we believe you should too.

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