Facial Treatments - The Attic Spa
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Facial Treatments

Our wide range of facial treatments are perfect for all skin types, providing you with remarkable results and bringing out your skin’s natural radiance.


*NEW* Luminate Facial

Our stunning new Luminate Facial is on the scene! This amazing treatment visibly improves the appearance of skin tone, texture and luminosity. The luminate face mask helps reduce the appearance of discolouration and uncover brighter, more youthful looking skin. Ten key ingredients including high tech lightening agents. These work to combat pigmentation, lighten dark spots, reduce redness and gently exfoliate dry dull skin for a more hydrated, radiant and youthful appearance.

Age Intervention / Retinol Regenerating Facial

The Age Intervention Facial incorporates an entirely new concept in topical anti-ageing that provides remarkable and immediate skin resurfacing and regeneration. The mechanism for intense and immediate targeted infusion enables the skin to absorb and retain at far higher levels.

C-ESTA Facial

With both lipid soluble vitamin C and DAE Complex to encourage collagen production, repair free radical damage, and encourage facial tone, the C-ESTA Facial will appear smoother, brighter, more supple, firmed, lifted and contoured.

Proteolytic Enzyme Facial

The Proteolytic Facial is a scientifically based method of effective exfoliation and skin resurfacing. An enzyme reaction digests dead or diseased skin cells without harming living healthy cells. Clients will see an immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity, with skin appearing smoother and more refined. Ideal for problematic skin.

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment
Smooth, hydrate and “de-puff” the eye area with this beneficial, relaxing treatment for the eyes. Eyelid skin will immediately appear firmer and refreshed.

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Facial Treatment Type Time Price
Luminate Facial £50
C-ESTA Facial £40
Proteolytic Enzyme Facial £30
Rejuvenating Eye Treatment £25
Age Intervention / Retinol Regenerating Facial  – £50


Guam Total Marine Experience 

This amazing treatment consists of a glycolic peel, followed by a rejuvenating seaweed mask for instant results. Suitable for sun damaged, dull and ageing skin. Ideal for those who wish to regain their skin’s vibrancy.

Guam Marine Detox Mask

Perfect for young, oily problematic skin. This treatment includes an organic sulphur mud mask containing anti-bacterial properties. Leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated with a healthy glow.

Guam Marine Hydrating Mask 

Algae-enriched sea food mask. This is an essential facial for replenishing dehydrated, tired, dull skin. Leaves the skin relaxed and glowing with health.

Guam Express Facial 

For those of you short on time, this express facial provides you with quick results and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and glowing.

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Guam Facials Treatment Time Price
Guam Total Marine Experience 60 min £48
Guam Marine Detox Mask 45 min £38
Guam Marine Hydrating Mask 45 min £38
Guam Express Facial 25 min £22


Ayurvedic Facial 
Using the finest Indian products, this facial is truly relaxing and beneficial. Not only does an Ayurvedic facial improve the skin’s appearance, it also restores balance and aids your body systems to function more healthily. We use a combination of warm cloths and oils, facial massage, mask, skin polisher and marma points to finish the treatment.

Ayurvedic Facial Massage 
Facial massage to the neck, face and scalp includes cleanse, warm cloths, and a massage with marma points to complete.

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Ayurvedic Treatment Time Price
Ayurvedic Facial 60 min £40
Ayurvedic Facial Massage 25 min £22


Eve Taylor Luxury Signature Facial 
Includes double cleanse, tone exfoliation, neck and face massage, one luxury peel masque listed below, eye cream, serum and moisturiser (also includes two of the following mini treatments: scalp massage, eye contour masque, lip contour masque, hand massage or foot massage).

Brightening Masque-  Suitable for dull or pigmentation of the skin. Gives a lightening effect to the skin.

Clarifying Masque- Rebalances the skin, removes impuities and excessive sebum leaving fresh, clear skin.

Bio Masque- Deep moisturising action leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. Suitable for very sensitive or dry skin.

Cryogenic Masque- Ideal for anti-ageing firming effect. Tightens and contours the skin.

Eve Taylor Luxury Facial 
Includes double cleanse tone, exfoliation, neck and face massage, cream masque, eye cream, serum and moisturiser (also includes one of the following mini treatments: scalp massage, hand massage or foot massage).

Eve Taylor Essential Facial 
Includes double cleanse, tone, face massage, masque, eye cream and moisturiser. Suitable for all skin types (also includes a mini scalp or head massage).

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Eye Taylor Facials Treatment Time Price
Eve Taylor Luxury Signature Facial 60 min £40
Eve Taylor Luxury Facial 45 min £35
Eve Taylor Essential Facial  30 min  £22